Difference Starts Here

Han Cheryl
Director of Programs










Han graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore with Diploma in Nursing (1995) and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Gerontology (2001). Her training with Hammond Care Group, Sydney in 2003 availed much practical experience in dementia care.

Han has many years of working experience as Nurse Clinician in the Cognition and Memory Disorders Division at Tan Tock Seng Hospital; Providing training and counselling to caregivers; conducting talks and workshops on dementia related topics; conducting activities for persons with dementia are all part of her clinical expertise. She was also an important team member of the MindVital program at TTSH.

Han is naturally a person of excellence, regularly innovating new strategies and applications. She believes in team work and is passionate about imparting her skills and knowledge to colleagues, working with each, raising the level of attention and care given. As Director for our Fireworks Programs, she works closely with members of the team, leading and training them to make the difference she upholds.


Program Team

From back, Ting Ai Hwa, middle left Pauline Tan, middle right Nellie Ng & front Tay Seok Foon

Ting Ai Hwa

Ai Hwa is unassuming, open and spontaneous. She carries a heart that cares for anyone in need, working tirelssly for years with kids with special conditions, and with a dementia Day-Care facility. She’s familiar with dementia care and handling. Ai Hwa has a positive spirit that motivates her heart to learn whatever there’s to learn. Being purposed to serve and to learn what it takes to serve better.

We are thankful to have Ai Hwa in the team, who shares in our posture of care and service.


Tay Seok Foon

Seok Foon’s gentle hearted and her calm reassuring disposition greets you the first instance you meet her. She began her elder care experience in 2011, being trained at ADA for eldersitter facilitation .

Seok Foon has been with the team since its opening and has been trained in the special aspects of facilitation and handling necessary in cognitive care.


Pauline Tan

Pauline worked with a Methodist Welfare Group for more than 15 years. She has a heart for the elderly spending time weekly to care for the elders in her church.

We are pleased to have Pauline in the team, committed and purposed to learn the special aspects of facilitation and handling necessary in cognitive care. Pauline also has experience in IT and administration, and is helping with the general administration of the work.


Nellie Ng

Nellie is no stranger to dementia care, being trained at ADA for the elder-sitter program, and have several years of experience assisting elders with the more severe symptoms of dementia. Nellie is determined and focused and desires to serve our community of elders with the challenges of dementia.

We are pleased to have Nellie in the team, working and serving the affected communities with us.


Joy Khau & Trainers











Joy and her Trainers use engaging and fun music approach for our participants at The Care Library. The music hour employs a variety of strategies to evoke engagement, learning and participation for cognitive wellness. It is fun, playful, full of laughter and participative.